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The platform will enable all users (both surfers and photographers) to earn money from their uploaded pics and will allow surf Photographers to have a global platform to sell anytime any place their special shootings

1. It’s powered by an ad hoc Search Engine that will allow to Search by Date and Spot and to browse and Save, Buy or Share everything that has been found;…

2. ARE YOU A SURFER?: just join us for free, start searching by spot and date and try to find you while surfing and enjoy your pics by saving, sharing or buying them; , if you want, upload some surf pics when you got them..you may earn easy money with no effort and costs – follow your preferred spots and be Notified whenever new pics have been uploaded- Join us… is the way to fund your Endless Summer

ARE YOU A PHOTOGRAPER? Just join us for free, or buy a SYS Premium Profile and gain access to the biggest surf pics marketplace of the world where everyone can easy buy with a click your pics…anytime anywhere, discover how you can easily earn 2.000 to 5.000$/month just doing what you already do today just adding to SYS platform your best shootings

ARE YOU A SURFSHOP? Just join us for free, or buy a SYS Premium Profile and become local SYS photographer of your spot…you will do a great present to your surfer community and will also earn easy money from that

Learn More, FAQ and What you have to know to enjoy SYS eXperience


1. Do I need to provide credit card credentials to join SYS?

No, you will have to only if you want buy something or if you earned money in your virtual wallet and you claim it to your Paypal, Credit card or bank account

2. What kind of security does seeyousurf provide?

Seeyousurf guarantees secure payment of all photos using PayPal circuit for credit card and direct PayPal payments.

3. How can I buy pics?

Just select “buy” and finalize the transaction, then the download will start and you will get your pics downloaded as soon as the payment has gone through.

4. How can I easily find pics of me?

Just search on our Search engine by Spot ( where you surfed) and by date ( when you surfed) and browse results; you may then add to favourites or share to Facebook or buy them with just a click


5. Is SYS account free?

Yes you may join us for free and you will have a free amount of SYS marketplace to upload your pics and all our tools to find , save share or buy them; pics space is 1GB, so do not waste it uploading bad pics; moreover all pics not bought will be erased after a given time to optimize overall marketplace ( you will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance) so… if you find a good pic, just buy it or you may loose it forever.

6. What is SYS Premium Account?

This is meant for active contributors that wish to earn big money form SYS; you will have:

- 50GB of pics space

- All pics will be permanent unless you wish to remove something

– Your pics will have priority vs users search on a given spot and date so easy to be found and bought

– you can claim your money any time from your user admin dashboard.


7. Which is the price of pics? How much I can earn?

When you upload your pics you will select the price over different options; if someone will buy your pics, he will pay that price and you will earn that price minus SYS Transaction fee that is variable for every country ( from 9 to 12%) and will cover all costs for buyers and photographers; look at Terms and Payment Terms for further details

8. How do I get the money I earned from selling my photos?

You will see realtime your $$ in your virtual wallet under account settings ; Earnings from photos are sent to you when you reach 100$ or at the end of the month following the sale, using the bank/credit card details or PayPal account (the latter is preferred) you provided. The platform automatically withholds seeyousurf fees and online payment and security costs.

9. Can I ask to receive my money immediately?

Yes, if you are a Premium User , otherwise you have to wait for next month end but may use your virtual credit to buy pics on SYS in the meanwhile…


10. Do I have to upload only recent photos?

Not at all, if you have lots of photos from previous years don't waste the opportunity to upload them, because search is by spot and date so even photos from the past can be interesting for a lot of surfers.

11. What price should I choose for my photos?

Seeyousurf provides standard pricetags to choose from and you can pick the one that suits you. Basic photos prices usually start from 10$-15$, catchy ones like photos taken in the water or from a drone are 30$, but you are free to ask what you feel is appropiate: the surfers will decide if the price is right for your work.

12. Can photos be shared for free on Facebook?

Yes, you can do so right from the website, but they will be shared in low resolution and with the watermark on top to protect them. Sharing will also improve chances for surfers to find their photos; share whenever you want BUT.. don’t forget the pics do not last forever on SYS so…if you like it..Buy IT

13. Can I mark photos I like and buy them later?

Yes, you can save your favourites and if the price changes or the photo is about to be removed you will be notified, so you can buy it at the new price or before it is deleted.


14. What rights do I own on the photos I buy?

Rights are only for personal use and not commercial, if you are interested in commercial use just select "business rights" and buy the photo at the defined price (the photographer who defined the price will have to own the rights and be able to prove it when asked).

So what are you waiting for?

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The more we are the better is for us all