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We started SeeYouSurf with the same enthusiasm we experience when we're about to ride a wave. Surfing is vastly different than any other activity. No wave is ever the same, even waves created by humans vary by degree. At the same time, our innovative project it's growing bigger, it's self-improving - just like every action sport, it's challenging, and you have to trust that something more is always coming!

At the biginning it was all about surf, now it's a multi-sport platform that gather sporters and photografers from every spot in the world, what's next? (Jeff Bezos, we're coming for you!) You know that rush of adrenaline, that feeling of being alive, present, connected? It only happens in that exact moment, but a good picture can keep it alive in your memories.

It works as a reminder that you've been there and that you can go further! Even better: someone was watching you, another person witnessed that moment of greatness. In the end, that's the point of SeeYouSurf: to keep feeling great!

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